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The Strange Death of Mistress Coffin

New England 1648. The Piscataqua Settlement. A young woman has been found dead, her violated body stripped naked and thrown into a river. Her husband, a reclusive and learned man, has mysteriously halted his legal proceedings against the most likely suspect, who has disappeared into the wilderness. The settlement’s elders call on a young Englishman, Richard Browne, to discover the truth about what happened. But the more he learns, the more puzzling the crime becomes, and the more he finds himself drawn to the wife of the missing suspect... Based on an actual unsolved murder from the records of Colonial America.

The University Press of New England has published a new, 20th anniversary edition of the novel (in both e-book and hard copy formats) and is available along with the other two novels in the tetralogy by clicking here.

20th Anniversary Edition