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The Adventures of Allegra Fullerton

“The green landscapes of nineteenth-century New England are beautifully evoked, and Allegra Fullerton is as keen to catch the play of light in language as she is in paint... the pleasure of the novel derives from its careful specificities of time and place.”—Times (London) Literary Supplement

“Fascinating... Allegra describes her transformation from ‘mere traveling face maker’ to sophisticated associate of Margaret Fuller and John Ruskin... Allegra’s insightful ruminations on the artistic life make up the lively heart of this book.” --The New York Times Book Review

“The meticulously evoked settings, dialogue and characters provide a seamlessly authentic entry into the era... Saturated with vivid period detail, sprinkled with rousing feminist sentiments... the novel will keep readers engrossed in its intelligent heroine’s adventures. A first rate tale.” --Publishers Weekly

“An outstanding work of historical fiction. It deserves a place in every public and school library and is a valuable contribution to American and New England women’s studies.” --New Hampshire Sunday News




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