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The Territory Around Us

In his literary journalism, critic, novelist and memoirist Robert Begiebing offers readers a rare view of American authors at transformative moments in their careers. Celebrated New England historian Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, poet Sydney Lea and Maine Poets Laureate Wesley McNair and Baron Wormser, and novelists Merle Drown and Norman Mailer are among the authors profiled and reviewed. Begiebing also addresses issues as significant to us today as they were at the time of original periodical publication: the nature of American conservatism, the political economy of our budgetary priorities, and the looming global ecological crisis. Presenting journalism originally published in Art Times, Harvard Magazine, The Mailer Review, The Maine Times, The New Hampshire Times, The Portsmouth (NH) Sunday Herald, The Southern New Hampshire University Journal, USA Today Magazine, Writing Nature, and World Magazine, this book offers a rich, uncommon collection of three decades of work by an entertaining and independent writer.



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